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Skin Cancer Service

Following your diagnosis, the LSMDT will review your treatment. We would like to give you some information about the team

of specialists who may be involved in your care and the services and support that we offer.

Who we are we?  

The LSMDT for Oldham Total Skin Service includes:


  • Dermatologists. These are doctors who specialise in treating skin diseases and skin cancers anywhere on the body.
  • Histopathologists. These are doctors who specialise in the microscopic examination of skin lesions and skin
  • cancers.
  • A Specialist Nurse. This is a nurse who works with the Dermatologists to care for patients with skin cancer, and is a point of contact for all skin cancer patients.


Your treatment needs to be reviewed to ensure that you have received the best possible care in line with current local and national guidelines. We aim to combine our skills and expertise in order to provide the best care and treatment for you.

During the LSMDT meeting all aspects of your care will be discussed by the LSMDT team.

What Happens Next 

  • We may not routinely contact you should no further treatment be required, but we will advise both yourself and your GP of the outcome of the MDT meeting.
  • Should you need further treatment a member of the LSMDT will contact you to discuss this with you and you will be invited for a face to face follow up appointment. If so you will be provided with a Key Worker who will be your point of contact during your treatment or time within the service. They will also offer you an holistic Needs assessment during your visit.
  • For many patients, no further investigations or active treatment will be required.
  • Some patients may require further surgery or investigations, which will often be within the Oldham Integrated Care Centre, occasionally patients may be referred to another team of specialists at a different hospital. Please do not be alarmed if we do this – it simply means that we have arranged for you to see the person best qualified to help you and this is considered best practice.
  • Many patients will require ongoing  follow-up appointments with a member of our team so that we can check that there are no further changes in your skin condition.
  • We are happy to send you a copy of the letter that we send to your GP which summarises the diagnosis, treatment options and discussion that has taken place during your consultation with the person treating you, on request. Please ask your key worker should you require this.


What is the Holistic Needs Assessment and how will it affect my care?

A Holistic Needs Assessment is a discussion with a member of your Health Care Team about your all aspects of your needs. This includes any problems with your treatment, any symptoms you may have, anything which is worrying or upsetting you and any support or information you may need.

The assessment is your opportunity to let the Health Care Team know about any problems or concerns. It can be carried out by anyone in the Health Care Team, but it will usually be your key worker. If your needs change or you have another question to ask, please let us know and we can repeat the Holistic Needs Assessment process, to ensure your needs are met. You don’t need to wait for the Holistic Needs Assessment, please ask us any questions you may have.

A Holistic Needs Assessment will be offered to all patients and consent will be obtained before this is undertaken, the Health Care professional will arrange an appointment with you if you are happy to proceed with the Holistic Needs Assessment.

The aim of the questions is to find practical solutions to any needs you may have. The plan may include a referral to another service, information on benefits or support services or some ideas for you to consider. Agreed actions and a summary of the discussion will be shared with you and kept securely on your NHS Record. If we do need to refer you to another service to best meet your needs, this will be discussed with you and consent obtained to share your information.

What we can offer you

We appreciate what a difficult and confusing time this can be for you and your family. We aim to offer a supportive and continuing link through all areas of your dermatology care. This includes:

  • Helping you and your family understand the treatment and care you will receive
  • Helping you make decisions about your care
  • Answering any questions you might have
  • Helping you talk through the things you feel are important to you

How will it help?

We aim to help reduce the worry by:

  • Taking the time to listen to you and your family
  • Supporting you and your family
  • Answering your questions knowledgeably

It can make things less worrying when you talk to someone who has the time to listen, the experience to answer your, and your families, questions and the ability to support you and your family.

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